Tips Card for Doyenne Naturals

Less is More

Dispense about ½ inch above applicator and slowly apply to dry skin.
1-2 swipes under each arm is all you need!

Apply after you are squeaky clean

Be sure to wash your underarms with soap and water daily for the first week when making the switch to Doyenne Naturals. It is best to apply after a fresh wash, reapplying about every 6-8 hours after, if needed. The longer you use, the less likely you are to need reapplication!

Rub it in

If you have excess deodorant under your arms, simply rub it in with your fingertips. Rubbing it in will nourish the skin, eliminate wetness, and provide better odor protection.

Apply consistently

Doyenne Naturals Deodorant works best if used daily. Since it is aluminum, paraben, and preservative free you can feel safe to apply consistently and reapply as needed!


It can take up to two weeks to get maximum effectiveness out of your new deodorant. Stick with it and let us know about your journey using a truly natural deodorant. Send before and after photos to We love to brag about our customers so feel free to submit your journey with us! Every review matters to us!

Doyenne: A woman who is the most respected or prominent person in a particular field